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Despite most songs consisting of little more than a simple drum beat, bass, and some synths buffeting Deradoorian’s soaring and layered vocal tracks, it wouldn’t be accurate to call the arrangements spare.Rather, the music swells out to create a spacey aural stew from just a few ingredients. Out August 21 via Anticon, the album lures listeners into a hypnotic soundscape with each of the tracks standing as unique constellations within a genre-transcending orbit.Her latest track, "Komodo," which we are pleased to premiere below, leads us gracefully through shifting rhythms, as the Sacramento-native's voice rises and falls over a steady bass line. DERADOORIAN: The tour start in New York and I live in L. I'm going to rehearse with my sister in Virginia, then we're gonna start the tour in Brooklyn, and it ends there as well.

Deradoorian is a product of a well nurtured community.

Deradoorian's vocals harken back to an ancient past, while an ominous feeling permeates throughout: "Run for your lives / run for the hills / don't close your eyes," she sings. [ came out because I was just working with Dirty Projectors so much.

It is within this track that minimalism and swelling rhythm converge. ANGEL DERADOORIAN: No, I've had interviews all day, but I'm leaving tomorrow to drive across the country, so I've been getting ready for that as well. We were about to start up another album cycle with Dirty Projectors, and Dave [Longstreth] and I had a talk about whether or not that seemed right for me at the time, or if I had to just take a break and focus on my own stuff.

"I always took my schoolwork and my music-work very seriously.

I think it's really important every child has some form of self-discipline, that there's something they're doing just for themselves, to prepare them for moving into the 'adult' — that's in quotations — world. We really were like five artists living together, just all at very different ages, and times in our lives.

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