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*~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* One day his doorbell rings. The little animal is all round curves and soft, tufty fur. No way could it have rung the doorbell on its own... Nino crouches down hesitantly, and the little panda peeks up at him with wide, shiny eyes.Nino pauses his game and crosses the house to answer it. Nino reaches a hand out warily and the baby paws at him harmlessly, letting out another small sound.Each member in the group has a strong personality and holds a specific role within their group as well as in the entertainment industry.Arashi is a common Japanese word meaning “storm” but utter it to any Japanese person and images of the top male idol unit in the country will likely cross their minds before those of cloudy skies and overflowing gutters. Not to take anything away from Arashi as performers – they’re good looking chaps who have a sound easier to digest than a cup of warm yogurt. Sunjun to interview Arashi fans and get to the bottom of the group’s appeal. As such there were many fans milling around outside the stadium wearing school uniforms. Johnny & Associates is an agency that creates and promotes boy bands such as SMAP and Kis-My-Ft2. felt a sense of awe that this group could break beyond the circle of male idol fanatics sometimes called (Johnny’s otaku) and draw fans from everywhere. On the other hand Riida was chosen by Sakurai and Matsujun as someone they wouldn't like to date! Sakurai was dumped before he had the chance to confess! It's good that your parents know,and that they help you :) It seems ^_^ First I watched Hana Yori Dango and I liked the character; well a bit rough but It's tsukasa, ne^_^ and he's good person; after I knew about Arashi and now I really love them!! (more or less) but I became an active fan four years ago. sip I know There's a fansub who is doing It's great ne : D and wow sugoi You learnt Japanese It's great I'd like to learn it too... ♥I'm a Jun-bait, but after some time following the group soon I've become an Ohmiya fan! *And among the other possible pairings I think Sakuraiba make a cute couple! =)sip It's great, ne :)I think learning Japanese is a little hard. I was stuck without internet connection for two days! XD; in my country we celebrate both; I hope you'd a special day!! But it’s one thing to ship your favorite drama pairing and another thing to peddle your delusions as the gospel truth.Also, it’s one thing to ship your OTP–for fun’s sake, for whatever’s sake–but another thing to shove down your beliefs in every forum and every platform you can find, and expect everyone to agree with you. Side note: this is not the first time that came out with a “threat” to drop a bombshell.

My opinion may not be popular but I’m not one to just hold my peace.

Not a day goes by without Arashi appearing on some television show, and every album they release is pretty much guaranteed to hit number one. We just don’t get why they stand above all of the other boy bands on the scene in Japan who seem to be and do exactly the same thing. There were also several fans wearing floral wreaths on their head: a popular trend for those attending concerts. Although many of Johnny’s other acts have garnered huge success, the people in attendance that day were not all that interested in them, only Arashi. However, this still didn’t answer the question at hand: What do these guys do that makes them more popular than others like them?

headed down to the Tokyo Dome late last June where Arashi was making a stop on their Arashi’s Exciting School tour. Nearly 70 percent of the people he asked weren’t really into Johnny’s other idol groups.

He holds the panda up in front of him at eye-level, staring hopefully into her masked face. No need to add to his electricity bill when he’s not even using it. She’s a rambunctious handful, and he’s glad Arashi is taking a break for a few weeks. He often thinks he could ask the other members for help, but he doesn’t trust them to do anything but lecture him. He’s innocent enough to believe magic tricks are hocus pocus, real and honest and innocent, just like in fantasy and fairy tales.

He knows he probably shouldn’t be keeping the Panda, just as he knows to keep it secret that he’s keeping her anyway. She showed up on his doorstep after all, like fate brought them together. Nino knows magic tricks are as they say in their name, tricks.

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On top of a successful music career Arashi have also hosted their own radio and TV shows, and acted in films, dramas, and plays.

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