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Driver Robot got me the latest driver automatically, and now my whole system is more responsive, especially the games." - Trentin Lagrange, CA "When I upgraded to Vista I didn't want to throw out my perfectly good old printer, but I wasn't having any luck finding Vista support for it.

I gave Driver Robot a try and it identified my printer and installed a special Vista driver from its database - my printer works like it always has, and I saved 0, so I'm pretty happy." Susan Peterson, MA "I had an old Pentium III kicking around that I wanted to put XP on for the kids.

It turns out that the driver that came with the card was 6 months out of date!However, since updates were mandatory it caused a lot of disruption/issues when the universal drivers got installed and replaced better performing drivers the user had manually installed on their system.Well it turns out you can actually disable the downloading of these universal drivers in Windows 10 and avoid this issue all together plus it is very easy to do. Option #2 continues to download and install the best driver software from Windows Update.Windows comes with a built-in feature to keep your computer always up to date with windowsupdate by including a program called Automatic Updates.Personally, I want to know when I'm updating my server and not let some program do it for me, so in this case we would disable it.

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