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For example, if the contract is dated today, who owns that portion of the website code that was developed prior to signing the agreement? So, you paid the designer in full but you don’t own the website?

When such an event occurs, send the appropriate notifications (found on gov), and make sure you document that you have done so.

You have until March 4th, 2013 to opine, go on, don’t be shy!

Many of us dream of time traveling, either to change our past or foresee our future especially when viewing life from a financial perspective.

The rules about when we can backdate a benefit are different for different groups of people.

If you are a pension age customer, we can sometimes backdate the start of your benefit to up to three months before the date you claimed.

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Keep in mind, if an employee returns to work on light duty, from a Workers’ Comp injury, that is no longer time counted against Family Medical Leave.

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