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2 Timothy (KJV)The Bible gives Christians in the Church Age a clear command to study the word of God.

Not only that, we are also commanded to ‘rightly divide’ what we read there.

This worship service is an important part of our partnership with City Square as we work to alleviate spiritual and asset poverty in Dallas.

What do the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, and the Church of Christ denomination all have in common?

The meat of this study will be contained in segment two where we will examine their beliefs in the Light of Scripture. Learn More 6/4 - Being Christian in The Modern World: The Rise of Fundamentalism Rev Walt Marcum Watch | Listen | Download5/28 - Being Christian in The Modern World: Post Modern Rev. In Cornerstone you can expect a powerful blend of Biblical teaching, modern praise and worship music, and a casual, friendly environment. Each week we’ll sing traditional hymns and contemporary songs of faith, and take an in-depth look at scripture and practical wisdom for living out our faith today. An extended and in-depth exploration of scripture or core Christian teaching is shared to help participants understand what the scriptures and the teachings of the church meant in their original context and how they might be applied to lives today.So if you have been wondering, “Is this all there is? Jesus has a lot more for you than just a "religion." He wants to have a real, vital, genuine My name is Brian Cooper.Who are the churches of Christ and what do they believe in?

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