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The file is placed into the etc/xml directory relative to the BILLmanager installation directory.

The file contains description of the module (it is described as a plugin) and additional forms and messages.

We are already aware of the prevalence of hookup culture in our society. Who needs to fork out for expensive cinema tickets when you can invite a chick over to ‘Netflix and Chill’ to her hearts content?

But soon we will be crying for the days when guys sent ‘Hey. We already know people are becoming complacent when it comes to dating.

The registrar module contains two files: Where XXX is the name of your module in Latin characters.

If the name of the main module contains file extension, it will be included into the name.

1.1 Subject of this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “User Agreement”) shall be relations between Mail.Add to this the option to ‘Netflix and Chill’ and BOOM the end of old fashioned dating as we know it!What is this ‘Netflix and Chill’ nonsense you talk about?Ru, LLC (OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1027739850962, 39 Leningradskiy prospekt, bldg.79, Moscow, Russia, 125167), hereinafter referred to as “Mail. Ru Services the User agrees to observe the terms and conditions stipulated herein. Ru Services may be governed by certain regulations applicable thereto (“Service Usage Agreement”) also being a part hereof. Ru without any special notice The User Agreement shall govern the procedure for using Mail. Provisions hereof shall be binding on all the Users both registered on the Internet Service and started using any of Mail. The User may familiarize itself with the current version hereof having followed this link: https://ru/mail-help/UA.

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For example, if your script name is pmregistrar, the module name will be pmregistrar.php, rather than pmregistrar.

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