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Research after research shows that teachers are prone to teach the way they were taught at school.

If the educational system is to be developed, then, it’ll be critical to expose teachers to learning experiences that support the desired change.

In May 2016, a two-workshop training in Learner-Centered Methodology for Educators was organized by FCA in Asmara Community College of Education.

The twelve participants were first introduced to four different activities requiring active student participation.

The topographical variety has affected the social organization and mode of production of the country's nine ethnic groups.

In the highland plateau, people live in small villages conducting subsistence plow-agriculture.

During the thirty years of fighting, the country was in a state of civil war.

Eritrea is an east African country located in the Horn of Africa.

It is about the size of the state of Mississippi, roughly 120,000 square kilometers.

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