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This link further strengthens our investor CSD offering and gives you increased opportunities to centralise your access to the Target2-Securities community and beyond. Finland's modern, technologically advanced welfare state is, in fact, a fairly recent creation, because the social changes that led to it occurred in Finland much later than elsewhere in the West.Supported by ample empirical data, Lauri Karvonen explains the "late-but-rapid-syndrome" and why Finland, as a former part of Sweden and of Russia, has been a special case in a comparative Nordic and European perspective.' Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen ' There remains a great deal of interest in the Nordic or Scandinavian political "model" these days, but this interest usually focuses on Sweden or, possibly, Norway and Denmark.The politics and policies of Finland, which in fact present a fascinating case for study, are too often left out.People entering to Media category can’t enter any other categories.At least one member of the team must have Finnish nationality and both members of the team must live and work permanently in Finland for a Finnish company.

The GOF has taken steps to attract foreign investment by creating a network called Team Finland to promote foreign investment and foster the country’s international image.

It is this that makes the Finnish case interesting and, as far as possible, this book examines Finland in a comparative perspective.

Karvonen's study is based on a wealth of new primary evidence.

Both foreign and domestic companies can equally benefit from GOF investment incentives, research and development support and innovation systems. The Embassy has worked to create an affirmative and robust trade and investment agenda that works to attract investment in America and creates new markets for U. products and services in Finland and the broader region.

Finnish counterparts are very active in the fields of information technology, energy, biotech, clean water, and other topics.

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