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Overall my health is good , i'm working out and eating good.

I also started to get online and chat with women...

Carlette Metcalf spends most of her time in the stables.

“I was a horseback rider and horse trainer,” Carlette said.

I really do not want to reveal all my flaws and also not really interested in sharing my drug abuse with everyone the first dates or so.

“So I was always go, go, go, go.” But, shortly after getting married in July of 2012, her health took a turn for the worse.

“It was a trying time for us, because of the unknown,” Carlette’s husband, Terry, said. That was the worst thing.” With her husband by her side, Carlette kept searching for answers.

Hello everybody , I started to recover from on and off drug abuse 3 months ago.

And I'm also diagnosed with hepatitis C , waiting for treatment (could take a while , need to be clean 9 more months).

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