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These toys range from the relatively tame (period sex and gaping ass) to the more icky (vomit and scat), to the possibly morally wrong. I don’t approve of the tampon string, because holy fuck can you imagine getting fucked with a tampon in?

Not because of the gag factor (though that is definitely an issue), but because of the problematic nature of creating paraphilia-inspired toys.

Like formal letter of invitation from you, a isnt afraid to show their true selves as well.Man ends up by looking like his ideal self.”[i] To articulate his thoughts and substantiate his theories (expounded in his discursive essay ‘The Painter of Modern Life’), Baudelaire used fashion plates from contemporary journals and the drawings and engravings of Dutch-born ‘Monsieur G’, Constantin Guys.If it is true that sartorial vogues truly express the spirit of an age, or at least a metropolitan distillation of the age, what might today’s vogues in menswear reveal about 21st century Western society?Equally hard to miss is the abundance of lace, fur, vest tops and, most conspicuous of all, the large amounts of flesh.This season’s shorter shorts would seem to have emboldened designers to show off more of the male physique.[ii] It will be interesting to see whether consumers will be similarly brave when the clothes arrive in stores.

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The question is easily posed but far from easy to answer, especially as the recent round of Spring/Summer international fashion shows has now introduced a hermaphroditic look for men !

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