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Outstanding music from world-famous DJ RAS (Posted by Orlando from Italy on February 22 2011) "What a fantastic fusion, a bar that brings different corners of the world together under one roof, I felt so comfortable here, I had the choice of 3 environments with 3 different vibes, all just as happening in different ways.I had the party playing back for a few days since I left.I found it at the indicated address but entrance door was locked and it looked like it had been deserted long time ago." (Posted by a Turkish visitor on September 29, 2014) "its a great place to go out, friendly bar staff. Nothing before 12 midnight" (Posted by Wansink from Netherlands on July 08 2011) "Probably the best gay venue on the island.Nice people and good cocktails must seen if you're gay.According to UNICEF, an estimated two million children globally are affected by sexual exploitation each year.

Children who are the most at risk of CST are those who are already victims of abuse or who are extremely poor.

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The commercial sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism is a growing problem in destinations all over the world.

It's extremely quiet on Fridays but crowded and a lot of fun on Saturdays." (posted by G.

from UK on August 19th 2015) "This venue is closed down.

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