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Analogies become false or faulty when they are overextended or presented as conclusive proof.Etymology: From the Greek, "proportionate.""We are living in the age of the false, and often shameless, analogy.

Government is like business, so just as business must be sensitive primarily to the bottom line, so also must government.Talk about "A Tale of Two Cities." [...] Midland, Texas, famous for oil production and shale as well. Energy Information Administration, accessed 3/25/14] Arizona Has Few Exploitable Reserves Of Oil And Natural Gas. Energy Information Administration, accessed 3/25/14] Yuma Struggles With Seasonal Economy Built Around Agriculture, Migrant Labor, And Tourism.Yuma, Arizona has got the largest solar plant in America, so that makes it an interesting comparison. Midland and Odessa, Texas, benefit directly from energy production in their areas, while Fargo, N. According to a review by the EIA, Arizona has "only minor crude oil production from less than two dozen legacy wells" and "fewer than half a dozen producing wells" tapping reserves of natural gas. A post on The Washington Post's Gov Beat blog on August 28, 2013, detailed the nature of Yuma's struggle with high unemployment.Academic writers who have given the most attention to the subject of fallacies insist on, or at least prefer, the argument conception of fallacies, but the belief conception is prevalent in popular and non-scholarly discourse.As we shall see, there are yet other conceptions of what fallacies are, but the present inquiry focuses on the argument conception of fallacies.

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In an analogy, two objects (or events), A and B are shown to be similar.

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