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An anonymous IPL cheerleader recently did a Reddit AMA (ask me anything, where fans and celebrities interesting people chat real time), cheerfully taking a range of questions on her life in India.

Read on for her take on the creeps and creepy crawlies, both on and off the field... They have stuff thrown at them and routinely get ogled at - and no, they don't like it Bharat is not so swachh.

And IPL cheerleaders needn't step into the streets to discover that. I just ignore it," the anonymous cheerleader said in the AMA.

They played a trick by making a rickshaw bump into our car.

Two of Emily's tutors got together after not meeting for over a year and got drunk.

Fuck knows for what reason she happened to be together with them too - sitting in one's lap, feeling something hard rubbing against her firm buns...

Suddenly the old guy lifted the hem of her dress and she saw a stiff cock sticking out of his jeans.

She screamed and tried to get up, but the second dude grabbed her hands, bent her over the table and forced her to suck, while the first one was savagely bonking her pussy.

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