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I suspect these sources are the original Line-6 Flextone user's manual (which was completely wrong in its description of the Vibratone; fortunately, recent manuals lack this description), the SRV FAQ, or perhaps the 1984 Guitar Player interview with Vaughn. People should have had other sources of information, but there wasn't anything out there.That's where this article comes in -- I hope to clarify what a Vibratone is, what it does, how it works, to give everyone a good understanding of what the Vibratone is all about.

For example, serial number "701----" would date from 1997, month 01 (January).It adds a phasing or chorusing effect to your amplifier's output.It's what chorus and phaser pedals try (but don't succeed) to imitate; pedals like the H&K Roto Sphere come closer.By the end of 1963, Traynor was selling the Dynabass amps along with matching 15-inch speaker cabinets, as well as Traynor portable columnar public address (PA) speakers and its associated 15-inch speaker cabinet became the "YS-15".The YBA-1 "Bass Master" circuit is very similar to the Fender Bassman, which in turn inspired the classic Marshall 1959 "Plexi" amplifier.

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