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Tylo's addition to this week's "B&B" comes as a surprise since the actress made a high-profile exit from the show last year."I am moving forward and opening back up thousands of acting roles available, writing and pursuing my skin care line," Tylo said in a statement to Soap Opera Digest last summer. Fortunately, Maya caught Oliver's confession on tape and will share it with Carter next week."I need to hold on to this job and it this means dating the red headed Forrester for a bit I am willing to do it," Oliver said.

Hunter Tylo is a very familiar face to millions of soap fans from over two decades starring in The Bold And The Beautiful, but many might not even recognize her after a dramatic transformation that is as outlandish as one of the daytime drama’s over-the-top storylines.

Tylo exited The Bold and the Beautiful again in July 2013, but returned for multiple guest appearances in 2014.

A Los Angeles-based "globally renowned" psychiatrist, Taylor was introduced to facilitate social issues and act as a romantic lead.

His efforts would include stalking her, showing Stephanie tapes of lovemaking sessions and trying to use Caroline's twin to break things up.

Even after he went back to Texas however, things didn't stay calm for long.

In 1996, she left the serial after being cast on Melrose Place, where she was soon fired on the grounds of being pregnant, and returned shortly after.

Tylo appeared as a regular continuously until 1994 when she took a hiatus for a few months before being written back into the series.Anthony Youn, who has not treated the star, exclusively told Radar PHOTOS: 10 Stars Who Have Dramatically Transformed Their Faces “Her cheeks also appear overly plumped, possibly from fat injections as well.Using her professional position for all it was worth, she recommended to Brooke that she give Ridge space and, when space was offered, easily filled it herself.This didn't sit well with Taylor's unbalanced ex-husband who attempted, futilely, to split them up before leaving town.

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